Seattle, Washington is the economic
engine and cultural capital
of the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle hosts the largest concentration of population north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. Major financial, technology and lifestyle corporations base their headquarters in or near the city. And like so many of the nation’s fast-growing urban centers, Seattle needs new solutions to meet its growing demand for close-in space. That makes Seattle South of Downtown (SODO) prime for redevelopment.

  • Seattle Ranks #2
    as the Nation’s
    Growing City

    (Seattle Times, 2018)

  • Seattle Ranks #1
    on Forbes Best
    Places for Business
    and Careers
    (Forbes, 2019)

  • Seattle Ranks #4
    among the 10
    Healthiest Cities
    in America
    (Business Insider, 2018)

  • Seattle Ranks #1
    Best State in
    Outcomes for
    (U.S. News, 2019)

SODO is special.

Historically, SODO is Seattle’s industrial district — situated just south of the city’s thriving sports stadiums between Interstate 5 and the Port of Seattle. It consists primarily of low-rise warehouses formerly occupied by wholesale distribution, manufacturing, industrial, and commercial uses.

Some of SODO’s warehouse buildings remain in their original use; others have been carved up for artists’ lofts, art galleries, unique office enviornments and an assortment of other businesses.

Today, SODO is a community with its own vibe — a refreshing and exciting mix of Seattle‘s past and renaissance. Uniquely youthful, hip, eclectic and creative. A diverse tapestry of unique businesses and people with fresh and varied perspectives, attitudes, character and presence — a perfect definition of INSODO’s tenant community.

Seattle also represents opportunity.

Seattle, with its dense, affluent population and surrounding bodies of water, will be challenged in the coming years to develop more close-in space for people, transit, commerce and nature. But what will that look like? And how will we make it happen?