We own and manage our properties — highly engaged and experienced in every aspect of every asset.

Decades of experience have proven to us that hands-on, day-to-day professional management of each and every property in our portfolio makes a substantial difference in the performance of real estate investments.

Whether you’re an investor, tenant or independent property owner, INSODO can greatly enhance the experience of owning or occupying commerical real estate in Seattle.

And here is why:

1) Highly Competent and Experienced Team dedicated to not just operating managed properties, but enhancing their value as well (we manage with an ownership perspective).

2) All Inclusive Menu of professional asset and property management services PLUS integrated, state-of-the-art building engineering and infrastructure support services. Just one call to make to get anything done.

3) Responsible and Personalized Tenant Services from people who are hands-on, readily available and highly professional.

4) Uniquely Knowledgeable — As the largest landowner in SODO, no one understands the specialized requirements of properties in this area better than INSODO.

5) We’re Just Down The Street — As an integral part of the eclectic tapestry that makes up this district, INSODO appreciates the character and potential of this unique neighborhood in a way few others can claim. We’re headquartered here, and here to stay.