At INSODO we have always been inspired by the possibilities — especially when it comes to the SODO district of Seattle.

Today, we’re one of the largest land stewards in the greater Seattle area, with 2.5 million square feet of land and 3.0 million square feet of buildings under management. The portfolio includes an array of mixed-use commercial spaces including office buildings, hotels, warehouses, manufacturing and retail properties — collectively valued in excess of $1 billion. A number of our properties are gold-certified LEED buildings.

We offer the following critically-acclaimed projects as proof of our ability to develop fresh and exciting places in sensitive and sustainable ways that add substantial value to the Seattle community — economically and enviornmentally.

INSODO is the leading landholder of strategically-placed commercial real estate properties squarely in the path of Seattle’s next area for expansion – SODO. Like so many of the nation’s fast-growing urban centers, Seattle needs new solutions to meet its growing demand for close-n space. That makes SODO prime for redevelopment. It’s a diverse, eclectic district with a colorful history and an exciting furutre —yet to be fully defined.

Whether you’re an investor, development partner or tenant, The SODO Story is full of possibilities.

At INSODO, we look for, acquire and redevelop underperforming “last mile” commerical, industrial and infill retail properties with transformative potential for Seattle. In SODO.

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