At INSODO, we’re dedicated to intelligent, innovative, connective placemaking that delivers enduring value to Seattle. In SODO.

Over thirty years ago, we anticipated SODO’s potential to become a vibrant and sustainable resource for Seattle. We transformed the industrial properties we acquired into places teaming with entrepreneurial energy, and helped create economic opportunities that now reach throughout the region.

Today, InSODO owns and manages one of the largest property portfolios in the area. Whatever the project, placemaking is both a process and a philosophy — bringing to life the potential of a place in new and engaging ways that benefit both the community and collaborative partners alike.

Our vision:
InSODO is committed to helping Seattle’s SODO district actualize its full potential as a dynamic community of diverse — and eclectic — interests, businesses, lifestyles and experiences through smart and sensitive property development. SODO will serve as a gateway, innovation center and residential hub for downtown and traditional industrial uses.